So this life

But I don’t understand why life becomes very difficult to pull through when you decide to man up and do good . Like I understand good things don’t come easy but this thing is so difficult to bear 😞! Life sometimes struck us so hard that we try to find any possible means to make … More So this life

We are free

We have been set freeNot for any reason but for the reason that He wants us to make our good choices such that it will please Him and do good on our side as well .So today's word made it quite easier for us .It says ;“For you, brethren, have been called to liberty; only … More We are free

He looked liked us

This man I think about it and I'm like wow what a wonderful Jesus Most of us choose friends ,but He choose us all The wicked,the heartless,the idol worshippers, the drunkards,fornicators Liars, corrupt ones ……..I just can't mention all One who never criticized One who knew the right way to go and right path to … More He looked liked us